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Oklahoma Vs. Baylor: A.K.A. The 2012 Redskins Starting Quartback Bowl!

The Washington Redskins continue their rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, but that might not be the most important football game of the weekend for the Redskins organization. The most important game is tonight, and its taking place in Waco, TX. The Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears meet at 8:00 PM, and fortunately for those of us taking interest, the game will be broadcast nationwide on ABC.

Why is this game so important? Because it features Landry Jones and Robert Griffin III, two quarterbacks projected to go in the first round of the NFL Draft this coming April. Neither will be the first quarterback selected, (that will be Andrew Luck) but either could be the second.

The Redskins are quite obviously in the market for a new franchise quarterback, and will be picking pretty early in the Draft. Jones or Griffin could be it.

Redskins scouts will certainly be watching the game tonight to get a feel for which player might be a better NFL quarterback. Mike and Kyle Shanahan will probably be watching too, to determine which quarterback might fit their offense better. Jabar Gaffney and Fred Davis will probably be watching too, hopeful that one of these quarterbacks will be throwing them the ball next year. John Beck and Rex Grossman will probably be watching too, jealous of the passing skills that they'll never have.