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Bruce Boudreau Fired As Coach Of Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals have fired head coach Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with former team Captain Dale Hunter.

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The Washington Capitals have fired coach Bruce Boudreau, according to a press release sent out by the team on Monday morning. After starting the season red hot, the Capitals have fallen off a bit in recent weeks, and that slide appears to be the final straw, according to Mike Vogel

Boudreau started the 2011-12 season with an emphasis on hard work and accountability. The Caps jumped out to a franchise record 7-0 start, but problems crept into their game soon after. Defense was spotty, and the Caps began giving up goals in clusters at the worst possible time in close contests. In six of the team’s 10 losses this season, the team surrendered three or more goals in a span of eight or fewer minutes. In all of those games, the score was either tied or Washington was up a goal when the wheels came off.

Boudreau enjoyed a lot of success as the Capitals head coach during the regular season, but he never seemed to translate that play to the postseason, where the Capitals have disappointed in the past few seasons. The Capitals have named former team captain Dale Hunter as Boudreau's replacement.

We'll have plenty more on this move as it continues to play out, but for fan reaction and more on anything Capitals hockey, head over to Japers' Rink.