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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Hold Tight At No. 27

This si the first time in about six weeks that the Redskins are coming off a win when the 2011 NFL Power Rankings come out from SB Nation, so you would think they would move up in the rankings, even slightly, right? Well apparently that isn't the case. The guys at SB Nation have them at No. 27, the exact same spot where they were last week.

Kudos to the 'Skins for ending their six-game skid. Unfortunately, they're just affecting their draft position now.

That's the balance that Redskins fans have to strike with this team. They could either win some games and gain some confidence going into next year, but that would mean that they hurt their draft stock and the opportunity to draft a potentially franchise changing quarterback. Even when there is a silver lining to losing, it's never easy.

We'll have more on the various Power Rankings as they come out through the day, but for more on the Washington Redskins, please head over to our Hogs Haven blog.