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Troy Vs. Navy: Mids Take Early 7-0 Off Troy Turnovers

The Navy Midshipmen got the football first and began one of their typical clock killing drives with the triple option attack.  Quarterback Kriss Proctor softened up Troy early hitting a 12-yard pass on the first play of the game, but Navy began to pound the football after that. The drive stalled at the Troy 32-yard line as Navy went for it on 4th-and-6, but ran the football for no gain, turning it over on downs.

Luckily for the Mids, Troy got only seven plays before giving the ball right back to Navy when quarterback Corey Robinson fumbled the ball away. On Navy's possession they were able to convert 3rd-and-12 when Kriss Proctor hit Brandon Turner for 25 yards down the field and then hit John Howell on a long 45-yard gain in the air. This put Navy right in scoring range as Kriss Proctor ran the ball in from 1-yard out for the score, putting Navy up 7-0.

The two teams then traded punts and Troy turned the ball over again, when running back Shawn Southward fumbled the ball letting Navy get the football right back on the 36-yard line as the first quarter ended.

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