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Maryland Swimming Program May Be First To Be Cut In Terps' Athletic Department Budget Crisis

It was first reported last week that the budget shortfall within the Maryland athletic department was so dire that programs and teams may need to be put on the chopping block. On Tuesday night, reports surfaced that the swimming program could be the first of 27 teams to be cut. Testudo Times noted the report which surfaced first on a swimming blog, The Swimmers' Circle:

A source who has asked to remain anonymous because of their connection to the University has told us that the University of Maryland is expected to cut their swimming program. The decision is not final, but the recommendation to cut swimming has been sent to the university president for approval.

The swim team currently has 26 women and 24 men on its roster, with the women's team finishing 22nd at the NCAA championships just last year. As the Post reported last week, the shortfall is so dire that number of teams could be cut so its likely that the swimming program could be just the first of several athletic programs to be cut.

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