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Fantasy Football Week 13 Projections: Start Roy Helu, Not Rex Grossman

The Washington Redskins are playing the New York Jets, who are stronger on defensive reputation than they are as an actual defense. Are there any players on the Redskins worth starting in your Fantasy league this weekend.

Rex Grossman: Grossman can make some plays, we know that. But he is too inconsistent and has too many turnovers to consider him a legitimate play in almost every league, especially now that there are no bye weeks to take away your starting quarterback. NumberFire projects him to get about ten points, which isn't going to cut it. Just look at the players they compare him to; Cleo Lemon, Matt Schaub (before he was Matt Schaub), Gus Frerotte, Dan Orlovsky and Derek Anderson. Yikes.

Roy Helu: It seems like Helu is the man for Shanahan and the Redskins moving forward, so he could be a strong play in deeper leagues that force you to start a number of running backs. NumberFire projects him to get only seven points, but if he gets into the endzone even once, he figures to get well above that number.

Jabar Gaffney: Gaffney has emerged as the go to receiver for Rex Grossman this year, and despite only being projected to get about five points from NumberFire, he is still worth playing in deeper leagues.

Fred Davis: Davis has been the only Redskins with consistent, solid production almost all year. But NumberFire only projects him to get about six points. I think he clears that fairly easily and is a good play in most leagues.