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With NBA Lockout Over, Barack Obama Classic At Verizon Center Postponed

With the resolution of the NBA lockout, the Obama Classic, originally scheduled to be played at Verizon center this month, has been postponed until Summer 2012.

The much publicized Barack Obama Classic, a fundraiser game full of NBA stars scheduled to be played at the Verizon Center in two weeks, has been postponed. With last weekend's NBA labor resolution, many of the committed NBA players who originally had open schedules, will now obviously have to get back to their day jobs.

The expected postponement was first made public in a letter signed by Chris Paul, Vince Carter, and Baron Davis on Obama's campaign site. Tickets had ranged from $100 to $5000, and those who had already purchased them will have those tickets honored when the game is rescheduled this summer.

Via Obama Campaign Website:

The good news is that basketball is coming back this month.

Unfortunately, that means the Obama Classic is being postponed.

Don't worry: Any tickets you've purchased will still be honored at the rescheduled event. It's on the calendar for Summer 2012.

And we can tell you it's going to be a game you won't want to miss. We've personally talked to more than a dozen players and legends who are eager to get out there and have some fun in support of President Obama.

The game was supposed to feature local stars Kevin Durant and John Wall, in addition to Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Amare Stoudemire, and Chris Bosh. That star-powered event will have to wait until next summer.