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Army-Navy Game 2011: Dan Snyder Hopes To Create 'New Tradition' In D.C.

The Army-Navy Game is at FedEx Field for the first time in its 112-year history (or, more accurately, the first time in FedEx Field's 14-year history), and since Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder owns the building, he had to be interviewed by CBS' Tracy Wolfson on the sidelines while wearing casual clothing (his right, of course).

In the interview, Snyder proclaimed that he wants to start a "new tradition" and bring the game to Washington D.C. "every few years." Given that the Naval Academy's base is less than an hour from the stadium, such a tradition makes sense.

At some point, though, Snyder might want to stop referring to his stadium as being in D.C. Landover, Md. is not Washington D.C., as much as he wishes it would be. Understandably, most non-residents don't know the difference, but still...

Anyway, here's an amused photo of Snyder and Wolfson for your viewing pleasure.


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