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Khan Vs. Peterson Results Live, Round 6: Amir Khan Continues To Use His Speed

The main event of Washington D.C.'s first major boxing fight in 18 years pits IBF and WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan defending his crown against D.C.'s own Lamont Peterson at the Washington Convention Center. The fight is taking place in Peterson's hometown, a rarity in boxing since he is the challenger. Joe Cooper is the referee for the bout, which began shortly after 11 p.m. Here is a recap of the sixth round.

The sixth round began with Amir Khan continuing to go for quick entries on Lamont Peterson, then using his speed to duck out. The change in strategy caused the fight to settle down a bit. Khan ducked out of the ropes, then hit Peterson with two punches. Peterson was able to get a nice body shot on Khan at the 1:20 mark as he tried to regain momentum, but Khan continued to use his speed to his advantage.

Khan then hit Peterson with a body shot with 45 seconds left and got a couple more punches in. Khan then made a mistake and was caught on the ropes, allowing Peterson to get several shots to his upper body before Khan finally escaped.

The round was very even and probably too close to call.

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