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Lamont Peterson's Next Fight Could Be Rematch Against Amir Khan

If it were up to new IBF and WBA light welterweight champion Lamont Peterson, his next fight would be against the man from whom he just took those belts, Amir Khan. In the moments following Peterson's controversial victory over Khan via majority decision, Peterson immediately said he would be willing to fight Khan again.

Such a reaction was natural after Peterson benefited from two controversial point penalties on Khan for pushing. The two judges who ruled in favor of Peterson both did so by a 113-112 margin, so even one of those calls going the other way would have given Khan the victory. While Khan was enraged by the referee's decision, Peterson immediately proclaimed to the HBO cameras that he would be willing to fight Khan again.

He said the same thing in his post-fight press conference, saying he would even travel to Khan's native United Kingdom just as Khan traveled to Peterson's hometown Washington D.C. For his part, Khan told MMA Nation's Luke Thomas that he wants to see if Peterson "has the balls" to fight him in the UK. Clearly, Peterson does.

The questions are: when will the fight happen, and will Peterson have another fight before it.

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