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NFC East Standings: Washington Alone In Last Place

With just three games left in the year, the Washington Redskins are all alone in last place in the Division, one game behind the Philadelphia Eagles.

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After the first few weeks of the Season the Washington Redskins were sitting alone atop the NFC East, with the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all in their wake. Now, just a few months later, the Redskins have fallen all the way to the back of the Division, looking up at even the Eagles, who are one game ahead of them.

The New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys are tied atop the Division at 7-6, but the Giants are technically in first place because they have the tiebreaker. As a result, they can win the division simply by winning the rest of their games. one of those games is against the Cowboys in New Jersey, and if the Cowboys can manage to win that game, well things would get a whole heck of a lot more interesting.

The Eagles, dubbed the dream team heading into the year, stand at just 5-8, an incredibly disappointing season that might just cost head coach Andy Reid his job. Despite how poorly this season has gone for them, they are still one game ahead of the Redskins, who sit at 4-9, now just waiting to find out where they will be drafting in April.

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