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Florida International Vs. Maryland: Isiah Thomas Comes To College Park

The Maryland Terrapins will host the Isiah Thomas led Golden Panthers of Florida International tonight. Is there any chance the Hall of Famer can lead an upset?

The Maryland Terrapins will face off against the Golden Panthers of Florida International and the most famous member of their team, Isiah Thomas, in College Park tonight. The game starts at 7:30 and can be seen on ESPN, somewhat surprisingly.

Simply put, Florida International is not a very good basketball team. Here is a quick take from our Maryland Terrapins blog Testudo Times.

Thomas may yet lead some sort of recruiting-based comeback for the moribund program, but they're not there yet. They have talent and the ability to pull off some upsets - they beat George Mason in overtime on a neutral court - but don't let that skew your view of the team too much. They also stand 2-5 on the year, sporting two big black eyes in the form of losses to Arkansas Pine-Bluff and Alabama St., both of which count FIU as their only win and are sub-300 in KenPom. Ouch.

Since that writeup was written the Golden Panthers lost to Texas Weslyan, which is not even a Division I program, so it looks even worse now than it did then.

We'll have plenty more on the game throughout the day, but for more on teh Terrapins and tonight's contest, head over to the aforementioned Testudo Times.