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Randy Edsall's Job Is Safe, But 'Top To Bottom' Review To Be Made Of Entire Maryland Football Program

Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson reiterated that Randy Edsall is the right man for the job at Maryland, but that a 2-10 record is unacceptable and thus a top-to-bottom review of the program will begin this weekend with meeting with the Terps' head coach.

This weekend, Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson will meet with first year football coach Randy Edsall as part of a review process that will cover the program from "top to bottom." Anderson confirmed that, despite the monumentally disappointing 2-10 season on the field, Edsall is safe as head coach of the Terps. 

Via Jeff Barker of The Baltimore Sun:

"There's no question in my mind I got the right guy here."

Anderson, however, did articulate that the 2-10 performance is simply "unacceptable." While Edsall may be safe, Barker also reported that Anderson and other connected to the program would not confirm that all members of Edsall's assistants and staff were safe. Edsall has nine members of his staff, some of which may no longer be a part of this staff after this review. Anderson stated that he was well-aware of the fans' displeasure with the Terps performance, and that eight game losing streaks will not be tolerated.

"I am probably one of the people who hates to lose the most," Anderson said. "I didn't come here to be 2-10."