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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Perform Modest Climb

The Washington Redskins are coming off arguably their most impressive win against the New York Giants on Sunday, but that doesn't mean they'll climb up a lot in SB Nation's 2011 NFL Power Rankings. The Redskins moved up two spots from No. 27 to No. 25. I was wondering why they wouldn't move the Redskins up any further than they had, and then I read this sentence and understood.

The Redskins have lost eight of their last 10. Their season has been over for a while.

The Redskins did get a very nice win on Sunday, but it doesn't make up for the last two months of subpar football and the season as a whole. They can certainly be proud of that win against the Giants, they made a divisional opponent look stupid and it might keep them from making the Playoffs, but unfortunately the Redskins deserve to be ranked as low as they are.

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