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Wizards Vs. 76ers: Washington Concludes NBA Preseason In Philadelphia

John Wall and the Wizards will be back at it on Tuesday, taking on the 76ers for their final preseason tuneup.

Because of the NBA Lockout that lasted long into the fall, the NBA preseason was very much abbreviated, and each team will only play two games against the same opponent. For the Wizards, that opponent is the Philadelphia 76ers. They got blown out by that 76er team last week, but they'll have another shot against them tonight in Philadelphia, in their last tuneup before the regular season begins next week.

The game starts at 7 pm and can be seen on Comcast. The Wizards already played this 76ers team last Friday and got their doors blown off in a 103-78 loss. This will be a good opportunity for John Wall and the rest of the Wizards (except for Andray Blatche, oddly enough) to show that the first game thy played was an abortion. Wall played 26 minutes and only recorded eight points and zero rebounds, and twice as many turnovers (6) as assists (3). 

We'll be covering this final tuneup in this StoryStream, but for more on everything Wizards check out Bullets Forever.