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George Mason Basketball's Andre Cornelius To Return From 10-Game Suspension

George Mason senior Andre Cornelious was suspended for the first ten games of the year after pleading guilty to credit card fraud over the offseason, but George Mason is playing in their 11th game tonight and Cornelious will be able to play for the first time this year. According to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, it will be an emotional time for him.

“I might cry,” Cornelius said. “A little tear might come out or something like that. I’m going to make sure I keep my composure and don’t get out of my character on the court and try to do too much that I can’t do.”

His return could be very beneficial for the Patriots on the court, and Paul Hewitt knows that Cornelious can bring a very specific type of offense that the Patriots have been lacking all year.

“The potential is that it’s a significant change because if there’s an area I think we need to continue to improve on, it’s outside shooting,” Hewitt said. “Now, I see some really good things in practice. We do a lot of shooting drills, and I see guys becoming more consistent. But to add a guy like that who was the leading 3-point shooter [on the team], he could have a big impact on our team.”