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VIDEO: JaVale McGee Drops Airball, F-Bomb

Athletes react to disappointment in many different ways. For example, Bill Tilden, the gentlemanly tennis champion if the 1920s, said "Oh, rotten!" to himself whenever he missed a shot. Former TCU head coach Orthol Martin never uttered any phrase more offensive than "shistol pot," a salty-sounding spoonerism for "pistol shot."

At the other end of the spectrum, there's JaVale McGee, who let loose his frustration at airballing a contested turnaround jumper--in the FIRST QUARTER OF A PRESEASON GAME, MIND YOU--with a very loud "Fudge."

Only he didn't say "Fudge."

Video after the jump.

Well, Flip Saunders will like the passion, if nothing else. And, lest we be accused of negativity, we'll refer you to an earlier post on a more awesome side of McGee.

Hat-tip to The Basketball Jones.