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Albany Vs. Maryland: Terrapins Get Alex Len Back From Suspension In Out Of Conference Tune-Up

Mark Turgeon and the Maryland Terrapins will play their first game with freshman center Alex Len against Albany on Wednesday.

The Maryland Terrapins basketball team will face the Great Danes of Albany on Wednesday, in one of their final out of conference tune-up games before they enter into their ACC Conference Schedule. The game starts at 8 pm and can be seen on ESPN3.

The big story from this game is that the Terps will get Alex Len back from the suspension that cost him the first ten games of the season. Len, a freshman, is a legit 7 footer and could give the Terrapins an inside presence they have been lacking so far this season. It is unfair to expect a true freshman, especially one who also has to overcome a pretty serious language barrier, to play and contribute from day one, but Len has imposing size and a lot of skill, so maybe he'll be able to break the mold. The Terps could certainly use, if nothing else, his incredible size.

We'll be covering this game throughout the day here on SB Nation D.C., but for more on all things Maryland basketball, head over to Testudo Times.