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VIDEO: Air Force's Botched Fake Extra Point In Final Minute Of 2011 Military Bowl Was Amazing

The 2011 Military Bowl featured an offensive explosion befitting of the two teams involved in the game. Air Force and Toledo were two of the nation's best offenses, and also two of its worst defenses. That means there was bound to be plenty of busted coverages, bad tackling and more. Given all this, it's only fitting that the game would end on a botched fake extra point.

Video below the jump.

In a stroke of irony, ESPN color commentator Dan Hawkins called it, saying the only thing we hadn't yet seen in this wild game was a fake field goal. We ended up getting it, and it would have worked, but the option pitch was dropped, then kicked out of bounds. It was a fitting end to the season for Toledo, which, as Spencer Hall notes, had been involved in three of the most ridiculous games of the year prior to this.

I'll bet anyone that we won't see a more ridiculous play in the bowl season than that one.

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