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VIDEO: 'A Game Of Honor' Documentary Previews 2011 Army-Navy Game

UPDATE: Sorry, looks like the full 22-minute video doesn't embed. Below the jump is the three-minute promo instead from Showtime.

The Army-Navy Game is always one of the most special events in sports, but this year's edition may be extra noteworthy because Showtime is working on a documentary for the game. "A Game Of Honor" is a two-hour documentary that is scheduled to air on December 21, takes viewers inside the preparation for the game and the unique college experience the players on both of the teams go through.

On Saturday, one week before the game happens, CBS showed a 30-minute preview of the documentary, taking you behind the scenes of its creation from the filmmakers' perspective. That aired earlier in the afternoon, but has embedded the full thing, which you can find below the jump.


Besides the obvious powerful imagery you get from a behind-the-scenes look like this, we actually learn a new piece of information on Navy's season. Earlier in the year, Navy's star fullback, Alexander Teich, was suspended for a game due to what coach Ken Niumatolo referred to as a "family, inner-circle deal." As it turns out, that transgression was merely Teich's comments against the officials following the Midshipmen's narrow loss to Air Force. It's safe to say no other program in the country would discipline a player for something like that.

For more information on the film, visit its website.