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BCS Rankings Projections, Week 15: Virginia Tech's Loss May Have Helped Oklahoma State

Virginia Tech's ACC Championship Game loss to Clemson may help propel Oklahoma State pass Alabama in the BCS Rankings.

Virginia Tech's 38-10 blowout loss to Clemson in the 2011 ACC Championship Game pushed them out of contention for a BCS bowl. With two losses, including one in emphatic fashion, the Hokies won't be a BCS at-large team. But don't be surprised to see the loss have greater implications when the final BCS Standings come out on Sunday night.

The Hokies' loss may be one factor that allows Oklahoma State to pick up the necessary votes to overtake Alabama for No. 2, according to SB Nation's BCS expert Samuel Chi.

Virginia Tech's blowout loss against Clemson removed a direct competitor for the precious No. 2 votes, not to mention the all-important No. 3 votes. Remember, OSU was No. 5 in both polls coming into Saturday night's game. Only with the Hokies out of the way could OSU close its poll gap on Alabama.

As it turns out, Chi has Oklahoma State overtaking Alabama and playing LSU in the national title game. If it happens, Virginia Tech may be a team to thank.

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