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Bowl Games 2011: Military Bowl Ranked As One Of Most Watchable

Let's be honest, folks. When you think of the Military Bowl, you aren't thinking about a particularly enthralling game. It's played in the middle of the day in an old stadium, usually in cold weather. It's also played between two pretty mediocre teams, so the quality of football isn't usually good.

But could this year be different? Perhaps. Consider that SB Nation's Spencer Hall has ranked the 2011 Military Bowl matchup between Toledo and Air Force as the seventh-most watchable bowl game of them all.

The wacky machinations of Air Force's hybrid option attack meet Toledo's vortex of football crazy? Oh hell yes, and twice on December 28th, even if it's in DC in front of a crowd of shivering miserable government pension slaves. First rule: always watch a triple option team in bowl season, because defenses have no idea what they're looking at for at least one half. Two: always opt for hot MACtion, especially when the Rockets are involved.

Now I'm intrigued.

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