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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Tumble To No. 28

The fellas over st SB Nation just came out with the Week 14 version of the 2011 NFL Power Rankings, and the Redskins continue their near season long slide. The good news is that they only dropped down one spot after losing to the Jets, but the bad news is that is probably only because they don't have very far to fall. They come in at No. 28 this week, in between the Browns and the Jaguars.

First, Donovan McNabb, then John Beck/Rex Grossman. Is a high draft pick next for Mike Shanahan? This team has no future without a new quarterback.

I believe that the fans of the Redskins are probably feeling this way too. You can build the infrastructure of your team all you want, but you can't win unless you get a reliable quarterback under center. Then again, if you put a franchise quarterback in a position where he can't succeed, you have Sam Bradford. It's kind of a chicken and egg thing.

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