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Military Bowl 2011 Gifts Actually Look Pretty Awesome

It's an annual right of passage in the bowl season. Teams go to bowl games, and as part of the proceedings, the bowls themselves offer the players a boatload of gifts. Some bowls are known to be much stingier than others with this. So where does the Military Bowl stand?

Actually, pretty high. Via Sports Business Journal, who put together a list of the gifts for each bowl game.

Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPod nano, Deuce watch, LunaTik wristband (to hold iPod), beanie, Nike backpack

So hey, how about that? Pretty nice perks for the Toledo and Air Force players.

Game date, time: 4:30 p.m. Eastern, December 28.

Location: RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.

TV channel: ESPN/EPSN3

2010 winner and loser: Maryland, East Carolina

For more on the 2011 Military Bowl, visit this StoryStream. For more on each bowl game as it’s announced, stay tuned to SB Nation’s 2011 college football bowl game bids coverage. And visit our many college football blogs.