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Khan Vs. Peterson: Lamont Peterson Confident He Can Knock Out Amir Khan

Lamont Peterson will have an opportunity to win the a world title at 140 pounds when he fights Amir Khan this Saturday at the Convention Center in Washington D.C., his home town. In this video via Bad Left Hook, he expresses his confidence in his ability to beat Khan.

First he addresses some of Khan's previous wins, and then explains what he would do differently to finish Khan off.

"I would do the same exact thing he was doing, but I would try to fight with more energy. I would lay it all on the line. I won't try to hold and say maybe if I don't get him out of there, I've got these other rounds to worry about. No, I'm gonna try to end it right there."

Finally, he talks about the shape he is in entering this fight.

"Yes, each camp I try to learn something, and I always do. So each camp will get better and better, hopefully. But this probably is the best I've felt going into a fight. Especially fight week where you're losing weight, and kinda tired. I still have a lot of energy, as if I just started my camp."