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Khan Vs. Peterson: Video Highlights From Pre-Fight Press Conference

The Amir Khan - Lamont Peterson fight will be taking place Saturday night at the Convention Center in Washington D.C.. On Thursday the two sides held a press conference, which tends to be a pretty interesting event before big fights like this. Here are highlights from this fight courtesy of SB Nation's own Luke Thomas, who was in attendance.

As far as press conferences go, this is one of the more tame ones. A lot of talk about how hard they've trained, respect, all that good stuff. The best quote comes from Lamont's brother Anthony, who warns the crowd, "Don't blink, because I've got a lot a lot to get off my chest on Saturday night. The highlight might have honestly been Bernard Hopkins dressed like a hipster. Speaking of which, here is more one on one with Hopkins.

Hopkins talks a lot about other subjects, but he is a good source of analysis for the upcoming fight.