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VIDEO: Khan Vs. Peterson Weigh-In Was As Insane As You'd Expect

You had to figure that the weigh-in for the first boxing title bout in Washington D.C. in 18 years was going to be a little insane. Based on accounts of those who were present, the weigh-in for Saturday's Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson bout was indeed insane. As further proof, here's the video of the weigh-in, via MMA Nation's Luke Thomas.

Yup, those are vuvuzelas you're hearing in the background as Khan came up to the stage for the weigh-in. They come from a group of people known as "Khan's Army" that travel around the world to cheer on Khan everywhere he goes. It all results in a soccer-like feel, which is exactly what fight organizers probably want.

I'm hoping Peterson's supporters will do their part to try to one-up the Khan Army. That'll make this fight especially fun.

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