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2011 National Signing Day: Curtis Grant Reportedly Leaning Toward Ohio St.

Curtis Grant is one of if not the best linebacker in the 2011 recruiting class, and we are about 36 hours away from finding out where he will be playing his college ball. According to Doug Lesmerises of, there are some recruiting experts that believe Grant is leaning towards the Buckeyes of Ohio State. national recruiting analysts Mike Farrell is one of several recruiting experts who believes Grant will pick the Buckeyes over North Carolina, Florida and Virginia when he announces his choice at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Virginia might have just been a token inclusion in his top four because it is his home state, because I'm not sure many experts ever thought that he could actually end up there. The article also has more from Farrell on who Grant is as a player.

"This kid looks like a junior in college already and he plays like a junior in college already. He runs so fast from sideline to sideline, he closes like crazy," Farrell said. "If he goes there, he'd probably be the most athletic linebacker they've recruited over the last decade."

That's really saying something for a school lie Ohio State, who has a history of linebackers that have gone on to star in the NFL. Grant could be a big boost to their defense for the next few years, and another in the long list of Pro Bowlers from THE Ohio State University a few years down the line.