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Jordan Williams Named To Naismith Midseason Watch List

Jordan Williams has been the best player on the Maryland basketball team this year, and arguably the best big man in the ACC. That much is clear. It's harder, however, to figure out where Williams ranks on the National scene.

Thanks to this new report from Patrick Stevens, we at least know that he is somewhere in the top 30.

Maryland forward Jordan Williams is one of 30 players on the Naismith midseason list.

Georgetown guard Austin Freeman and Virginia Tech guard Malcolm Delaney also made the 30-player cut.

Williams is one of five sophomores on the list. There are two freshmen (Ohio State's Jared Sullinger and Kentucky's Terrence Jones) among the 30 players.

This is a big honor for Williams, who has made a rapid ascent into the ranks of the best players in the Nation. At this time last year Williams was playing behind three seniors that captured all the attention of this team. Now, less than 12 months later, Williams can consider himself among the elite. At the very least, he is one the five best players in the ACC, and that's pretty darn good.