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Georgetown Vs. Marquette: Hoyas Go Into Halftime Down 35-31 Against Golden Eagles

The Hoyas go into halftime down 35-31 against the Golden Eagles.

The game started slowly, as both teams came out sloppy on both ends thanks to stingy defense. But by the end of the half, the scoring picked up for both teams, with no team really taking control of the game so far.

The big news for Georgetown is that guard Austin Freeman left the game due to injury. It remains to be seen how severe the injury is and if Freeman will be able come back into the game. We will post up details once the information is available. Freeman left the game after scoring 9 points.

The Hoyas leading scorer so far is guard Chris Wright with 13, with Marquette leaning a more balanced offensive attack to pace their lead.

It goes without saying that if Freeman cannot come back in this game, it'd be a huge blow to the Hoyas chances of pulling this game out. Without Freeman, they will likely have to lean on their senior guard Wright to pick up the slack.