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TV Schedule, 2/17: Capitals-Sharks, Red Wings-Lightning, Spurs-Bulls

If you didn't have any plans for tonight, now you do. Here are the best sports on television tonight, and where and when you can watch them. All times eastern. Follow the links to learn more about each of the teams listed below.

NHL Hockey:

Capitals Vs. Sharks, 10:30, CSN:The Caps finally had a strong offensive performance last night, and they look to build on that against the Sharks in a late night affair in San Jose.

Red Wings Vs. Lightning, 7:30: A matchup of two of the top teams in the NHL this year. They each enter the game with 74 points, good for second in each of their respective conferences.

NBA Basketball:

Spurs Vs. Bulls, 8, TNT: The Spurs are the best team in the NBA and Derrick Rose is arguably the most exciting player to watch. If the Spurs defense doesn't totally bottle him up, he's always good for one spectacular play a game. And this should give us a pretty good idea of just how good the Bulls are.

NCAA Basketball:

Richmond Vs. 25 Temple, 7, CBS CS: A battle for the top of the A-10 conference featuring an upset bid by a team that is almost local. It's a slow night, is what I'm trying to say.