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2011 National Signing Day: Jeremiah Hendy Will Sign With Maryland After All

Randy Edsall was only hired at the University of Maryland about a month ago, right at the beginning of this winter recruiting period. As a result, he didn't have much of a chance to put his stamp on this, his first class as the new head coach. The best thing Terps fans could realistically hope for was maintaining the class (although admittedly unspectacular) that Ralph Friedgen had assembled before he was shown the door.

As expected, he didn't keep everyone. But he was able to keep one of the most important players in the class, according to Eric Prisbell at the Washington Post. Bowie CB Jeremiah Hendy decided to stick with the commitment he gave the Terps last fall, and should provide immediate help for a secondary in need of playmakers.

"The first time I went up to Maryland I felt a real connection with (Defensive Coordinator Don) Brown," Hendy said. "He’s a football guy. I think he knows the game a lot. It’s amazing. Every time I go up there he’s got a new cornerback (video) cutup or a DB cutup for me to watch. I feel like we’re on the same level with the love we have for the game."

I met Jeremiah Hendy earlier this season and could see why the Terps are so excited about getting him. He has excellent size for the position, excellent athleticism, and a real passion for the game. During the practice I watched, Hendy's was the only voice I could hear motivating his teammates to give it their all, even though it was the week before a bye.

Prisbell reports that Maryland coaches told Hendy that he would be able to compete for a starting position immediately. Putting him next to Kenny Tate would give the Terps two athletic freaks in the defensive secondary. Hendy seems to be ready to go.

When asked what Terrapins fans can expect from him in the coming seasons, a grin spread across Hendy's face.

"A lot of big plays, a lot of game-changing plays," he said. "Get your popcorn ready."

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