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NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Reportedly Interested In Josh Howard

The NBA Trade Deadline can now really get underway now that Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks. Now, we're hearing a steady stream of smaller rumors, and one involves the Washington Wizards. The Boston Celtics have reportedly expressed interest in small forward Josh Howard, according to a report.

The Celtics have a need to find a backup small forward, and Howard is one of many names they are considering, according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe

The Celtics are looking for a backup to Paul Pierce and the candidates are Cleveland's Anthony Parker, who is playing out an expiring contract, New York's Roger Mason, Washington's Josh Howard and perhaps Indiana's Dahntay Jones.

There are, however, several obstacles to a potential trade. For one thing, the Wizards value Howard as a leader. For another, the Celtics do not have much to trade back to the Wizards. But most importantly, Howard will have to approve a trade, since he is on a one-year contract. 

All these obstacles make it unlikely a trade is consummated. However, if the Wizards fully commit to a youth movement, they could probably get Howard to agree to the trade because he is heading to a contender.