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Schedule Of Events For The 2011 NFL Combine

The NFL combine is just starting to get underway in Indianapolis. But workouts don't officially begin until Saturday, and even then, it might not be something that captures a ton of attention. Here is what will be going on in the mean time.

Today and tomorrow:

Players have reported to Indianapolis a few days before their workouts for measurements and interviews. This includes basic body measurements like height, weight, and reach. But it also includes the all important Wonderlic test and interviews. The Wonderlic test is basically a football I.Q. test, and is most important for QB's. They force players to draw out plays, analyze offensive and defensive sets, and make a decision about what would be the smartest decision.

Interviews are equally important, especially for guys who have a reputation for questionable character. For example, all of the guys from UNC who got into trouble can show teams that they are good people and hard workers that just got caught up in a bad situation. But players can also bomb the interviews and force teams to reconsider them. When you are bringing a player into the locker room, his personality matters just as much as his ability.

Workouts begin on Saturday and the schedule is as follows:

Saturday: Kickers, offensive lineman and tight ends
Sunday: Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs
Monday: Linebackers and defensive linemen
Tuesday: Defensive backs

You can watch all of these workouts live, and I'm assuming on extended repeat cycles, at the NFL Network.