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NFL Combine 2011: Cam Newton Will Reportedly Be Full Participant

Quarterbacks don't often go through most of the rills at the NFL Combine, the elite ones anyway. People usually have good ideas of the kind of players they are, and participating in drills can sometimes just hurt their value. A slow forty time, a poor effort in the throwing drills, anything that talent evaluators can use to hurt your draft stock.

But Cam Newton isn't your typical quarterback. Newton will reportedly participate in all of the events at the NFL Combine this weekend, which is somewhat unexpected

At the same time however, it isn't a huge surprise. Newton's biggest draw is his insane size and athleticism. The Combine is the perfect place for him to show teams just how big, strong, fast and agile he truly is. And assuming he performs well in the throwing drills, he could really boost his stock.

Newton also only has one full season of starting competitive football to be evaluated on, so there is also the chance that he feel pressure to participate because talent evaluators don't know him quite as well as they would other elite prospects.

But Newton is the kind of guy who can really put on a show at the Combine, and his workouts should be a lot of fun to watch.