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NFL Combine 2011: The Best NFL Draft Prospects Assemble In Indianapolis

The NFL Combine represents the best opportunity for the top prospects in the draft to make a good impression on the teams that may be drafting them, and it gets underway today at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

How important is the NFL combine? Millions of dollars can be gained or lost depending on just a few tenths of a second on a 40 time, and that's just one of about a half dozen exercises players can choose to take part in. It will move players way to far up, and down the NFL draft.

The combine will be held from today all the way through the weekend, and should provide hours of entertainment for NFL draft fanatics and maybe also people afflicted with the flu who can't get themselves off the couch. It's not the most exciting thing that's ever been on television, but if you are legitimately concerned about who the Redskins could be drafting, and how they stack up as an NFL prospect, it is definitely worth your time.

We'll have complete coverage of the NFL draft in this StoryStream, so keep checking back for more information as it becomes available.