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NFL Combine 2011: Redskins Will Focus On QB And Defense During Workouts

Workouts don't start until tomorrow at the 2011 NFL Combine, but it would be naive to think that teams don't already know what they want to look for. According to Mike Jones of Redskins Insider at the Washington Post, the Redskins plan to focus on quarterbacks and defensive players this weekend.

The Redskins no doubt will do their homework on Newton and Gabbert, but they also likely will be taking a hard look at the top pass rushers and nose tackles at the combine. Here are some names that Jim Haslett and his defensive staff could possibly consider as they work to upgrade a 3-4 defense that ranked 31st in the league in yards allowed per game.

Quarterback certainly shouldn't come as any surprise. We have known that was a need for the Redskins for a very long time. Defense isn't a surprise either, and Jones seems to imply that the Redskins would look to upgrade the front seven on defense if they elect to go in that direction. And there should be a lot of players available when they select that could help fill those positions.