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German Born Forward Martin Breunig Commits To Maryland

The Terps received a pretty important basketball commitment today from German-born combo forward Martin Breunig, here is the write-up from Testudo Times.

Breunig's an interesting prospect. He has elite height (6-9) and athleticism (see the videos embedded below), plus just about every other skill in the book, including a decent handle and a pretty good shot. (For the record, his stroke looks like a dead ringer for Dino Gregory, at least to me). He obviously likes dunking (who doesn't) and will do it quite a bit.

He could be either a 3 or a 4, sort of like Kyle Singler, whom I still see as Breunig's most obvious comparison in the college game. Maryland's lacked that type of guy for years, so finally getting an offensive matchup problem is a relief. Very few teams have a player with the height, shot, and athleticism that Breunig has, and that's a serious boon moving forward.

I doubt that Breunig is quite as good as Singler is, but I think he plays a very similar kind of game. A guy who has the game of a power forward, but the size of a power forward. If they can get another big man and put him at small forward, he could provide some serious match up problems for the opposition.

I was at the Maryland game on Sunday while Breunig was taking a visit. I talked to him before the game and he seemed pretty overwhelmed by the whole event. there were even fans sitting directly behind him that had signs for him in German. He even got out of his seat a few times on big plays from Maryland. I like to see that kind of fire from a guy before he is even officially a member of the team. I think he should be a pretty good one.