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Georgetown Vs. Syracuse: Hoyas Go Into Halftime Down 33-23 To Orange

Many people wondered how the loss of senior guard Chris Wright would hurt the Hoyas.Well, if the first half of this game is any indication, the answer is its hurt them a ton.  

Georgetown walks into halftime against Syracuse down 33-23, with Syracuse going on a 9-2 run to end the half. The Hoyas have had a tough time generating some offense in the first half, with Austin Freeman being the team's leading scorer so far with 7 points. To make matters worse, it appears that Henry Sims may have sustained a leg injury that may restrict his minutes the rest of the way.

JT3's crew knows that if they want to earn the coveted 'Double Bye' in the Big East tournament, they must win this game. Quite fittingly, it will be up to their seniors, who were honored before the game, to help will the Hoyas to victory in the second half.