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NFL Combine 2011: Redskins Meet With Cam Newton, Rashad Carmichael

Most NFL teams meet with potential draft prospects during the NFL Combine, and the Redskins certainly are no different. 

According to a report from Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Freelance Star, the Redskins have met with the most talked about college prospect, QB Cam Newton: 

The Redskins started that process this weekend by meeting with Newton here at the combine, according to a league source.

Mike Shanahan has shown that he does have an interest in Newton, but admitted he wanted to learn more about him as a person:

“I’ve watched a lot of film on Cam and he’s an unbelievable athlete,” he said. “He can make all the throws and is what you want in a quarterback. I think a lot of people will spend some time and ask what kind of a guy are we dealing with? Is it a one-year guy, or is he going to take you to the next level? Obviously, though, he has all the skill you’d want in a quarterback. Very talented.”

In addition to Newton, the Redskins have also met with Virginia Tech cornerback Rashad Carmichael, according to what Carmichael said in his press conference.