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NFL Combine 2011: Christian Ponder And Jake Locker Shine While Cam Newton Struggles

The first day of workouts for quarterbacks is in the books, and you might be surprised to learn which quarterbacks were said to have the most impressive days.

Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder, who is already rated at the top of the list of quarterback prospects by Wes Bunting of the National Football Post, but isn't projected to be drafted until the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, had the best day of all quarterbacks, according to Bunting.

His arm looked plenty live enough to make all the throws, he was balanced in his drop, got the ball out quickly and was very accurate during the session. He showcased good ball location in the three step game, getting the ball out on time while allowing his receivers to consistently run through the throw. Ponder also showcased plenty of zip on his throws in the five step game and was capable of sticking the dig.

Bunting was much less impressed with Cam Newton, the Heismann Trophy winning quarterback from Auburn.

However, watching him try to get the football out accurately and on time in the short/intermediate pass game has been a struggle for him not only Sunday in Indianapolis, but also at his pro day workout and on tape. It’s an inconsistency that will need to be corrected or spotty accuracy is a trait that will follow Newton throughout his career.

Another quarterback projected to go in the second round is Jake Locker out of Washington. Locker has been plagued with questions about his accuracy all year, but may have answered those questions at the NFL Combine today. Rich Tandler of indicated that Locker was among the best quarterbacks working out today.

Later, as the receivers ran deeper outs, Locker started hitting them in stride. He lofted up some deep routes that nestled into the arms of the receivers nicely.