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Clinton Portis To Be Released By Washington Redskins

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The Clinton Portis era in Washington D.C. will officially end on Monday. The running back has announced that the team will release him today, ending his seven-year career with the team.

Portis announced the news on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan earlier Monday morning, saying that he and the team reached the decision mutually. There were reports that the Redskins were planning to release him this week, and now, it's pretty close to official.

Portis said the team offered him the chance to restructure his contract, but he declined. He was set to make $8 million next season, so it is not surprising that the Redskins were unwilling to bring him back. Portis said he talked to owner Dan Snyder about the situation, and said that all the drama that resulted from his tenure here is one reason he decided to step away. He said he plans on seeking a team that does not have all of that drama with it.

Portis walks away as the Redskins' second-leading rusher of all time, behind John Riggins.