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Bucks Vs. Wizards: Brandon Jennings, John Wall Face Off

Do you like point guard play? You'll like this Bucks vs. Wizards matchup at the Verizon Center on Wednesday night.

Jennings may score the ball a little more than Wall (17.3 points per 36 minutes to 14.3 per 36 minutes), but each are lightening quick, young and exciting.

One thing in Wall's favor, Jennings recently returned to action after missing 19 games with a foot injury. Jennings told me before the game that he's getting used to playing with a screw in his foot, which he can feel especially when he makes hard cuts.

The Wizards are dealing with some injuries as well, and will only dress 10 players. Yi Jianlian and Al Thornton are each out. That could mean another chance to hitch yourself to the Trevor Booker bandwagon.

For the Wizards, this game represents as good a chance as any to nab a win and stop their now eight-game losing streak. Next up is the Spurs and then Washington is back on the road. Even if that first road game is against Cleveland, we don't need to revisit the Wizards' road prowess.