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DeMatha Wins Third Straight WCAC Title Or: Why You Can't Doubt The Stags

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The DeMatha Stags beat the Gonzaga Eagles 52-48 last night to capture their third straight WCAC Title at American University. If you were filling out a pool with your buddies before the season, you might have been able to guess that one before any of the games had been played. The Stags have won six of the last seven, after all.

But it didn't seem like such a sure thing at some points this season. The Stags didn't have their typically dominant season, and seemed to be more vulnerable than they have been in year's past. This of course led to a lot of people questioning if this was a down year in Hyattsville. It may have been all that talk that awoke a "sleeping" giant.

After the game I asked DeMatha coach Mike Jones how this win felt relative to DeMatha's championships and he what he said took me a little by surprise.

Every Championship is validation that things are going well. But in a year like this year where a lot of people were saying that this is the worst season we've had and all this other stuff - I never understand that, I never understand hoe you talk about kids like that. But this is a "how you like me now" type of thing.

Giving a team as strong as DeMatha the opportunity to play the underdog card in the locker room before the game is a dangerous combination. Junior Jerami Grant echoed the coach's sentiment.

People were doubting us after we lost to St. Anthony's by a lot on ESPN and we definitely just picked it up toward the end of the season to win this.

Even if they struggled at times this season, there really is no excuse for doubting DeMatha, who always seems to come through when it matters most. Sure, it helped them that Gonzaga forward Kris Jenkins was limited to just a few minutes after half time with a sprained ankle, but that doesn't take anything away from their accomplishment.

The crazy thing about this is that most of the impact players from this game (save for DeMatha's Mikael Hopkins who is on his way to Georgetown) will be returning to school next year. So whaddaya say guys, same time next year?

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