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2011 NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: Making The Case For Richmond

In this thread, we'll be going through the local teams that are still sitting on the NCAA Tournament bubble, and present each team's chances of actually making the tournament. All stats from ESPN's InsideRPI (insider only). Let's take a look at those Richmond Spiders.


RPI Rank: 57

Record: 24-7

Conference Record: 13-3

Strength Of Schedule:173

Record Against RPI Top 50: 3-6

Quality Wins (against RPI Top 50): Purdue

Bad Losses (against RPI 100+): Georgia Tech

In Or Out: I think the Spiders are in the tournament. They've been one of the last four teams into the tournament in the latest projections, and they have a pretty good chance to make their resume even stronger in the A-10 tournament this weekend. A win tonight in the quarterfinals would help, but if they face one of the ranked teams in the semis this weekend, a win would make their inclusion pretty much a lock. Having said that, a loss tonight would change everything.