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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: Making The Case For Local Teams

Selection Sunday is coming up faster than you can imagine, and soon enough, all of this bracketology and bubble watch stuff will be totally irrelevant. But in the mean time, we're going to speculate and pontificate to our heart's desire. There are a few local teams that have already locked up their spots in the NCAA Tournament, and a few more that are sitting on the bubble.

In this StoryStream, we'll introduce you to each local team, lay out their tournament resume, and try to guess where, if at all, they will be included in the NCAA Tournament. If you're a fan of Virginia Tech, Maryland, Richmond, VCU - or if you just want to immerse yourself in everything College Hoops, this is the stream to be in.

So keep checking back over the course of the day, and we'll be adding updates about these local teams, and why we feel they will, or will not, be included in the Big Dance.