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Seth Greenberg Isn't Too Pleased With The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee

For the fourth straight year, the Virginia Tech Hokies are left out of the NCAA tournament. Each year they have been on the bubble and each year, they had their bubble burst by the NCAA selection committee. Some years they deserved to be left out, and other years (like this year), they had a legitimate case to be in the field.

Well, as you would expect, Seth Greenberg isn't too happy with the selection committee.

His reaction after the jump.

Greenberg: "You almost wonder if someone in that room doesn't have an agenda, and that agenda doesn't include Virginia Tech."less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


Virginia Tech finished 9-7 in the ACC and won two games in the ACC tournament, the first against Georgia Tech and the second game against Florida State when a potential game winner was overturned. 

In their next game, they fell to Duke, leaving Hokie fans to wonder if they had done enough to get into the tournament this year. They had already beaten the Blue Devils once this year (at home), and it seemed as if they had enough quality wins to get in.

But it wasn't to be. Greenberg has a right to be upset this year, as his team fought hard during the season despite some bad losses and were probably worthy of getting into the tournament.