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Selection Sunday 2011 Show: TV Time, Information Schedule And More

The 2011 Selection Sunday show for the NCAA Tournament will take place at 6 p.m. on CBS on Sunday. At that point, we will know how the 2011 NCAA Tournament bracket will look. 

There remain a few hurdles to clear before we get to that point. The ACC, Atlantic 10, Big 10 and SEC still have to play their championship games, and at least one of those games has major bubble implications. But once we get there, we will know which teams compose most of the NCAA Tournament field.

The only thing left to decide, then, besides seeding, is which teams from the bubble make it in to the tournament. According to the latest bracket projections at, the final four teams in the field are Georgia, USC, St. Mary's and Virginia Tech. The next four teams in after that are Michigan State, Penn State (who plays in the Big 10 Championship Game), Illinois and Colorado. The final six teams out are Clemson, Boston College, Harvard, Alabama, Virginia Commonwealth and UAB.

The D.C. area (if you combine Virginia) could get as many as seven teams in the NCAA Tournament field. Old Dominion (7 seed in the latest projection) and Hampton (15 seed) earned automatic bids, while Georgetown (5 seed), George Mason (8 seed) and Richmond (11 seed, should they lose the Atlantic 10 final Sunday) are likely at-large teams. Virginia Tech (12 seed) and VCU, as noted, are both squarely on the bubble.