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NCAA Tournament 2011: Virginia Tech Misses NCAA Tournament Field For Fourth Straight Season

The Virginia Tech Hokies will miss the NCAA tournament for the fourth straight season  The NCAA Tournament bracket was just revealed on the Selection Sunday show on CBS, and unfortunately for the Hokies, they were left out. It appears the next game they will play will be in the NIT.

The Hokies went 21-11 overall and 9-7 in the ACC regular season. But their regular season wasn't what clinched an NCAA berth, it was their postseason. The Hokies crushed Georgia Tech 59-43 in a game that wasn't that close and while it was a solid win, they knew they needed perhaps one more victory to earn them a spot in the tournament.

And boy did they earn it by the skin of their teeth. They defeated the Florida State Seminoles 52-51 after a game-winning jumper was overturned, giving the Hokies the potential solidifying win by a tenth of a second. 

However, the Hokies were defeated by Duke in the ACC semifinals, putting them in a very precarious situation. Some may say that they were snubbed, but the bottom line isint he committee's eyes they didn't have enough key victories. Had they defeated Duke, perhaps the conversation would be very different.