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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2011: How Long Will Old Dominion And Hampton Be Dancing?

There are two local teams in the NCAA Tournament that aren't getting a lot of publicity, and that may be some indication of how far they are expected to advance. Here are my 2011 NCAA Tournament Predictions for Old Dominion and Hampton. 

Old Dominion: ODU has a No. 9 seed and will be facing the runners-up from last year, Butler. I actually like their shot in this game because I don't think the Bulldogs are nearly as good as they were last year. I just don't think they have the size to be competitive in the tournament this year. Old Dominion does a good job rebounding, and I think that they are a particularly good matchup against Butler. I think they will advance, but then they have to play top-seeded Pittsburgh in the next round. Everything that ODU does well, Pittsburgh will be doing better. And I'm sure the Panthers will want to wash the taste of the Big East Tournament out of their mouth early. I think ODU makes it to the second round, but loses there.

Hampton: Well, just being included in the tournament field is an honor in and of itself, right? I think that is what Hampton will have to look back on, because realistically, I don't think they stand a chance to even stay competitive against Duke. Keep in mind, I will be rooting for them with all of my heart.